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Leader Scheduling Coordinator

Berkeley, CA

Purpose of Job: Create, monitor and maintain Trip Leader and Field staff schedules for optimal guest experience. This position closely interacts with Regional Managers, Travel Specialist, Information Technology staff, part-time Scheduling Assistants, and the Private Trips Team. The ideal candidate will have exceptional analytical and communication skills, sterling attention to detail, and an ability to foster a team atmosphere to carry out the responsibilities of this position.

Starting date: Early November, or sooner


• Assign leaders to trips and fieldwork based on trips offered, leader availability, leader skills, and leader performance according to company-wide priorities and parameters.
• Create and schedule leader familiarizations of new destinations when needed.
• Maintain leader schedules when cancellations, enrollment, new trips, or leader availability changes occur.
• Partner with Regional Managers in regards to regional scheduling.
• Create schedule of leader travel to/from trip starts.
• Create (in conjunction with Logistics Department) the movement of vans and equipment to regions.
• Communicate schedule changes, via ATLAS*, to leaders, the office, and Regional Managers. Confirm notification of leaders whose trips have cancelled.
• Create and maintain Van Support Schedules in tandem with the Regional Manager.
• Maintain schedule on ATLAS (trip activities and ad-hoc activities).
• Create and maintain scheduling portion of company budget including Leader Travel, Accommodations and Food Allowances.
• Track leader status (availability) and communicate to appropriate parties.
• Create and track staffing projections using existing models, based on leader availability.
• Confirm private departure additions and changes.
• Monitor the schedule routinely to gain efficiencies in leader travel.
• Maintain current documentation of the scheduling component of ATLAS.
• Work with Leader Development Managers and Regional Managers to use ATLAS reports to analyze and improve schedules on a region-by-region basis.
• Run scheduling reports from Crystal Reports.
• Work with IT Department to enhance the system with new features as required by our business (i.e. leader bike skills).
• Conduct testing for IT department.
• Advise and edit training materials for new field staff for ATLAS.

*ATLAS (AUTOMATED TOOL for LEADERS AND SCHEDULING – our database for managing trip leaders)

• Manage policies concerning leader travel. Monitor and improve as needed.
• Partner with Travel Specialist to manage and track leader travel expenses appropriately.

• Proven problem-solving, time management and project management skills.
• Strong interpersonal skills and management capabilities.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
• Ability to be discreet and professional with employee performance information.
• Budgeting and cost management skills.
• Experience with Microsoft Excel and Word as well as a clear ability to learn new systems (proprietary databases).
• Systems and database skills.
• Experience with Crystal Reports a plus.
• Ability to work in a fast-paced environment.
• Ability to lift 30 lbs.

TO APPLY: Send your cover letter and resume to Please put “Leader Scheduling Coordinator” in the subject line of your email. Please include your travel experience in your resume.


Fax: (510)292-2793

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