Backroads Family Vacations

The Clear Expert on Family Trips

Backroads Family Trips are incredible experiences for every member of the family. You have great opportunities to connect with your kids as you discover a new world together. You also get some welcome time on your own—and so do they!

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Why Families Love Traveling with Backroads

Family Biking Tour VacationsPARENT TIME, KID TIME, FAMILY TIME Each itinerary balances quality time together and apart, with welcome opportunities for everyone to take a break and recharge—usually impossible on a family vacation. As a parent, it's wonderful to get a break from being the decision maker or mediator and just relax!

WE BRING FAMILIES CLOSER TOGETHER through exciting travel experiences and stimulating adventures that let you interact in ways you'd never encounter back home. As young people leave behind TV and texting for natural wonders and cultural diversity, it builds their self-assurance and piques their curiosity about things beyond their usual life.

THREE EXPERIENCED TRIP LEADERS (and as many as five on Camping Trips) take care of all the day-to-day logistics. They're knowledgeable and enthusiastic motivators for your kids, interact with excitement and are inspiring role models. They'll make sure your gang has the best vacation ever.

A DEDICATED KID COORDINATOR orchestrates activities for the entire family, plus an hour or two per day of kids-only fun—often focused on local culture or the natural environment.

Family Walking and Hiking Tour VacationNO "CANNED" ACTIVITIES OR TOURIST THRONGS You won't have breakfast with cartoon characters, and there are no midnight buffets. You will get plenty of fresh air and outdoor activity together while discovering a whole new part of the world—and a whole new side of yourselves.

ACTIVITIES DESIGNED WITH THE WHOLE FAMILY in mind—including easier routes to suit kids' abilities and attention spans and great longer options for adults and teens.

MULTI-VEHICLE SUPPORT because we know that families need extra support. We use two or three vehicles plus a trailer for luggage and supplies.

MORE FAMILIES MEANS MORE FUN and makes the trip enjoyable for everyone. Some companies' groups are so small, you can end up traveling with one other family—not nearly as much fun as having a robust number of kids with like ages.