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Family Breakaway: Big Adventures for Families with Older Teens and 20-somethings

Here at Backroads we understand families. And we understand that older teens and 20- somethings are increasingly sophisticated, active and curious. And busy! Even during school breaks. Our new Family Breakaway Trips are the perfect opportunity to maximize your time together.

What's new?

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  • We're catering to your calendar. Family Breakaway Trips are designed to allow you to maximize that little window of time before spring or summer jobs and internships start, and parents and kids alike get swept away by summer plans and holiday commitments.

  • Breakaway Trip Leaders are more peers than chaperones. No more Kid Coordinators. Breakaway Trips are for families ready for a different kind of experience. Leaders offer options for families to explore nightlife, live music and urbane cultural activities when possible. They offer more challenging active adventures. They inspire young adults to explore more, giving them the tools to venture out on their own.

  • Focus on families like yours. Other families will be in similar life stages—with at least one older teen or 20-something in the family. They may be just sending kids to college, welcoming them home for breaks or celebrating graduations or milestone birthdays, like 18, 21 or 25. Or perhaps celebrating a 50th or 60th birthday or a special anniversary with the gang. You'll be amazed how much you'll have in common!

  • Focus on gateway cities. Young adults are itching to experience them already—Barcelona, Prague, Florence, Hong Kong, Cape Town and the like. Family Breakaway Trips use these gateway cities as jumping off points. Spend a little time exploring potential study abroad sites, visit traveling family members, or just indulge together before or after your trip.

Bring the family together for a trip of a lifetime! Check out our Family Breakaway trip details including over 50 departures.